The history of MASTER rock-group dates back to 1987, when Andrei Bolshakov (guitar), Alik Granovsky (bass), Igor Molchanov (drums), Alexandr Lvov (drums) and Kirill Pokrovsky (keyboards) left ARIA band due to conflict with its producer Victor Vekstein.

Alexandr Lvov shortly joined GORKY PARK, and the rest of the newly-formed group began to work under the auspices of the Moscow Region Philharmonic.
The group name MASTER was proposed by Igor Molchanov as he and Alik Granovsky were returning by metro from one of the rehearsals.

Igor invited his friend Sergei Popov (ex-ZDRAVSTVUI PESNYA) to become the second guitarist; Alexandr Arzamaskov (FORT-ROSS) was invited as the vocalist.
However, after several months Alexandr Arzamaskov had to quit due to medical problems with his voice.
Mikhail Seryshev becomes the new vocalist.

By the moment Mikhail Seryshev joined MASTER, the group had the material for its first album ready. Within half a year the album named ‛Master‛ as well was recorded and issued by ‛Melodia‛ recording company, with incredible 1 mln number of copies.
Intensive concert schedule follows: the band plays mostly at large sport complexes and stadiums, gathering thousands of fans.

The band tours constantly.
Also MASTER went to Poland to play their first foreign concerts as a part of Soviet artists delegation.
The same year MASTER goes to Belgium where acquires its initial European fans.

The band plays across the Soviet Union and in Belgium, and takes part in the first ‛Monsters of USSR Rock‛ festival.

The second album called ‛S Petley na Shee‛(With Halter on Your Neck) was recorded at home studio of the groups sound producer Yury Sokolov and released by ‛Melodia‛. The run exceeded 2 mln copies, and the album was declared the best metal album of the year.

MASTER keeps working in Europe.

From 1989 to 1991 MASTER works in Belgium returning home only for short periods of time. The band starts recording an album with lyrics in English. The album should have been called ‛Empire of Evil‛ and contain best tracks from first two albums re-written in English, as well as some new songs. For this period MASTER quits playing concerts.
Unfortunately, due to bankruptcy of the recording label "Two Flags", the album never came into sight.

Later this material was issued in Russia as "Talk of the Devil" album. It was recorded by the remaining participants of MASTER: Alik Granovsky, Andrei Bolshakov and Mikhail Seryshev. Drummer Igor Molchanov and keyboardist Kirill Pokrovsky decided to stay in Belgium; as for Sergei Popov, he left the band soon after returning from Belgium, but took part in recording as the session guitarist.

Besides, the following musicians helped MASTER in recording "Talk of the Devil": drummers A. Shatunovsky ("Danger", "Live to Die", ‛Fallen Angel‛, "Tsar"), A. Moiseev ("I hate your sex"), P. Chinyakov ("Paranoid"), S. Efimov ("Heroes"), V. Ermakov ("Talk of the Devil") and guitarist I. Kozhin ("Heroes").
Soundman Evgeny Trushin performed this record at ‛SNC‛ studio, and the album was issued under "MOROZ Records" label (on compact cassettes and vinyl).

In 1991 Mikhail Seryshev took part in recording the Russian version of the famous rock opera ‛Jesus Christ Superstar‛, performing the role of Jesus. The CD-version was released in 1995 by ‛ANIMA VOX‛.

Spring of 1992 was marked by a tour where MASTER accompanied SEPULTURA: in Moscow, Leningrad, Vilnius, Riga. A. Shatunovsky and I. Kozhin helped the band as session musicians during this tour.

In 1993 the group saw two new faces: Vyacheslav Sidorov (guitar) and Anatoli Shenderov (drums). But shortly thereafter Andrei Bolshakov left he band.

MASTER, now consisting of A. Granovsky, M. Seryshev, V. Sidorov and A. Shenderov, recorded their second album with English lyrics, called "Maniac Party". It was done at ‛SNC‛ studio in 1993 with E. Trushin as the soundman and released in 1994 by "APEX" company (CDs and compact cassettes), while "POLYGRAM" issued it on vinyl. Sergei Popov again participated in the recording as the session guitarist, and V. Sidorov left the band upon recording the album. Then Popov returned back to MASTER as its single guitarist.

MASTER (A. Granovsky, M. Seryshev, A. Shenderov, S. Popov) issued its first concert album "LIVE". It was released by ‛BEKAR Recodrs‛ in 1995 both on CDs and compact cassettes. The band creates temporary project ‛MASTER + Valery Kipelov‛ and tours around the country.

In March of 1996, MASTER gave birth to its new album in Russian language named ‛Pesni Mertvykh‛ (Songs of the Dead). It was recorded at ‛ARIA-Records‛ studio and released by "FLAM Records" (CDs and compact cassettes). The band prepares to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

In June 1997 MASTERs second concert album appears. A summer tour over France was planned, but Mikhail Seryshev refused to go, so the band invited Artur Berkut (ex-AUTOGRAPH) as the session vocalist.
Upon MASTER returned from France, S. Popov and A. Shenderov decided to leave the band and join A. Berkut in his newly-formed project called "ZOOOM".

So all what remained of MASTER was its 'founding father' Alik Granovsky, soundman Andrei Kruster Lebedev (who worked with the band actually from the very beginning) and the bands manager Alexandr Ladychenko.
Soon the band saw two newcomers: guitarist Leonid Fomin (ex-VALKYRIA) and drummer Oleg Milovanov (ex-HELLRAISER). After some negotiations, Mikhail Seryshev also decided to return back.

Since 1999 Gennady Matveev participates in studio recordings as keyboardist.

In 1999 MASTER started working over the new album named ‛Labyrinth‛. Unfortunately, Mikhail Seryshev yet could not combine job of the band's vocalist with singing at the church choir and opera. So the group had to search for another vocalist again, and the one was found: Lexx.
Last concert of MASTER with M. Seryshev took place in Odessa on 23 October 1999.

Later on MASTER as A. Granovsky, L. Fomin, O. Milovanov and Lexx record the new album at ‛Master-Records‛ studio. Officially it was released in spring 2001 by ‛CD-Land‛ company.

On 30 December 2000 the last concert with guitarist Leonid Fomin took place, thereafter he had to leave the band. Alexei Strike (ex-STRIKE) was invited to become the new guitarist, and already on 15 February 2001 the renewed MASTER performed at the ‛Kruster-2001‛ festival, traditionally dedicated to the birthday of Andrei Lebedev.
Then Oleg Milovanov leaves the band. Young Alexandr Karpukhin becomes the new drummer. MASTER goes on tour around the country.

In May 2001 MASTER took part in "Tribute to Harley-Davidson" project and recorded the Russian version of "Ride to Live, Live to Ride" by TWISTED SISTER (text translated by Margarita Pushkina). "Tribute to Harley-Davidson-2001‛ also contained two cover tracks recorded by ARIA.

In summer of the same year MASTER recorded "Collection 1987-2001": a compilation of old hits with new arrangements plus two songs once composed by Alik Granovsky for ARIA: ‛Torero‛ and ‛S Kem Ty?‛(Which side are you at?).

On 27 April 2002 MASTER celebrated its 15-year anniversary, performing a big concert at MAI hall with such guests as Andrei Bolshakov, Mikhail Seryshev, Gennadi Matveev (keyboards), Anatoli Shenderov and Vladimir Holstinin. In July the concert video of this jubilee show was released.

And in autumn MASTER began to work over the songs for the next album.

The band tours.

New album called ‛33 lives‛ comes out, with Alexandr Lvov (GORKY PARK) as the sound producer.

MASTER takes a new challenge: several unplugged concerts and an album with acoustic versions of its hits (also named ‛Acoustics‛).

An experimental album in collaboration with Margarita Pushkina: ‛Po Tu Storonu Sna‛ (At the Other Side of the Dream) comes out.

On 27 April 2007 MASTER celebrated its 20-years anniversary with a great gig: besides Alik Granovsky (bass, vocals), Lexx (vocals), Alexei Strike (guitar, vocals) Alexandr Karpukhin (drums) and Andrei 'Kruster' Lebedev (soundman), the following guest stars appeared on the stage:
Valery Kipelov - vocals,
Gennady Matveev - keyboards,
Andrei Bolshakov - guitar, vocas,
Mikhail Seryshev - vocals,
Kirill Pokrovsky - keyboards,
Anatoly Shenderov - drums,
Leonid Fomin - guitar,
Andrei Kovalev - vocals.

‛CD-Maximum‛ music company releases the anniversary concert ‛20 Years‛ on CDs and DVD.

In autumn 2008 Strike and Karpukhin leave the band to join Kovalev's PILIGRIM.
Leonid Fomin (guitar) returns to MASTER, and Alexandr 'Gips'becomes the new drummer. The renewed band goes on tour to Siberia.
However, in summer 2008 Alexandr 'Gips' has to refuse continuing the tour due to family matters. Oleg 'Cobra' Hovrin replaces him at the drums - and stays with the band. This way MASTER acquired not only a good musician, but also an interesting person full of creative ideas.

Andrei Smirnov (EVERLOST) who was recording his guitar tracks for the new Margarita Pushkinas project ‛Dinastia Posvyaschennykh‛ (The Dynasty of the Initiated) at ‛Master-Records‛, has also recorded most of guitar material for MASTERs upcoming album.

The band continues touring and working in studio.
On 29 October 2009 Moscow saw a gig devoted to Alik Granovsky birthday. He received congratulations on stage from Sergei Skachkov (ZEMLYANE), Dmitry Varshavsky (CHERNY KOFE), Vyacheslav Molchanov (KIPELOV, SIXTH SENSE).

The next day MASTER performed in St-Petersburg together with CORSICA.

The new album appears in September. It is named ‛VIII‛ as it is the 8th studio album in the bands discography.
It was recorded by:
Alik Granovsky - bass, keyboards
Lexx - vocals
Oleg 'Cobra' Khovrin - drums
Andey Smirnov - guitar, acoustic guitar
Leo Fomin - guitar (7), solo-guitar (11-13)
with guest musicians:
Kirill Pokrovsky - keyboards (1, 7)
Alexandr 'Gips' - drums (2, 4)
and released by CD-Maximum label in the digibook package.
Band tours around Russia and CIS, plays at several bike fests.
Video clips taken into rotation on Sochi satellite channel; band performs an intreview on "Nostalgie" TV-channel and takes part in sport program on "Russia-2" TV-channel.
Two tributes are being prepared by friends and fans of MASTER to celebrate the band's 25 anniversary scheduled next year.

Real Free Radio (AM1620 and 96.9FM) and Berkeley Liberation Radio (104.1FM), USA, broadcast several MASTER tracks.
Band takes part in CD project "Monsters of USSR Rock: 20 years after" with renewed version of Heroes track (lyrics rewritten in Russian).
"25 years" anniversary tour continues from summer to winter. Former band members take part in the shows.

Moscow grand gig turned out to be a festival with participation of Aria, Cherny Obelisk, Epidemy, former band members: Kirill Pokrovsky - keyboards, Alexei Strike - guitar, Oleg 'Cobra' Khovrin - drums, Mikhail Seryshev - vocals, and of cause Margarita Pushkina - the legendary heavy metal lyrics composer.
The very special guest who performed as frontman on couple of songs was a real surprise for the audience, as it was a well-known biathlon commentator and sport journalist Dmitry Guberniev (who is a big fan of MASTER).

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